Independent Downhole Tools Supplier

For Directional Drilling

DoubleBarrel RSS is an independent supplier of rotary steerable systems for operators and directional drilling companies across the United States. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, DoubleBarrel RSS has over a decade of experience in the dedicated development and testing of rotary steerable systems tools for land-based vertical and directional applications.

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Why Choose DoubleBarrel RSS as Your Downhole Tools Supplier?

DoubleBarrel offers a high-value, cost-effective solution for rotary steerable systems. Our downhole drilling tools deliver proven performance in vertical and directional applications and provide customers with high performance and improved directional control, at a lower cost.

Advantages of our DB8 and DB15 tools include:

To learn more about how DoubleBarrel RSS can help meet your downhole tool needs for both directional and vertical drilling, contact us today.